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Custom-Made Removable Window Grids of the Highest Quality!

We manufacture window grids for your existing windows.

Our window grids are made from high-quality materials and are easy to install and maintain. Improve or renew the look of your house!

Choose from our various grid styles.

We offer a wide range of options such as classic Standard Grids, traditional Flag Grids, luxurious Cross Grids, and various Double Posts. Choose a variant and enter your dimensions, see prices immediately and place your order!

Measure your windows with the help of our various instructions!


Order a sample, Free shipping!

To be completely sure that the quality and appearance of our profiles meet your expectations, that the fixtures work, and that the angles are correct, you can order a sample here that fits your windows.



Buy our unique measuring tool, Free shipping!

Use our measuring tool for safe and accurate measurement, click here to order, then choose the angle of your glazing beads. You will receive a voucher for the same amount that can be used when you order your grids.


Order your custom-sized window grids from us today!

Your grids are made to order and delivered within 7-10 days. Our products are equally suitable for old windows, new windows, fixed windows, wooden windows, plastic windows, and aluminum windows, regardless of the manufacturer. Please follow our instructions when measuring and choosing fixtures.

Our grids work just as well on the inside as the outside.

Create a unique feel in a room and customize the window to your decor. Just as easy to install as on the outside. The window grids are attached with nail clips that are included for all ends of your grid strips.

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